Need content ideas? Let Google help with that.

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Whether it's for your social media or your website, sometimes it's hard to come up with new things to write about. You don't want your audience to get bored and tune you out, so how do you find out what your customers want to hear from you?

Let's say I'm a florist and I need more traffic to my website. I decide I want to write a blog post and then share it on my social media channels. But what should I write about that people will be interested in?

There is an easy way that Google can tell you: the "People also ask" section.

I am going to do a search for "floral delivery," since that is the service I provide in this hypothetical example. What questions are people asking related to floral delivery?

Example of "People also ask" Google search section

As I look at these options, I don't love the third one, because I'm not the cheapest flower delivery service. But I am the best (hypothetically!), so I might consider writing an article with a title of something like "How to know you're getting the best online flower delivery."

If none of the "People also ask" options are great, I can check the bottom of the page for more search suggestions.

It looks like my potential customers are interested in four things when it comes to their flower delivery: proximity, ease of ordering, value, and quality. I can use those ideas to come up with some potential posts:

  • What do local florists know about flower delivery that the big guys don't?

  • We offer same day flower delivery to you. How do the flowers get to us?

  • Want the best flowers on a budget? Here's what you need to know.

There is one important thing to keep in mind as you're writing your blog post: make sure it's informative to your customer, and not just a sales pitch for your service. It's okay to include that at the end, but the bulk of the article should be about giving them the information they need to solve their problem.

When your content helps your customer, it helps you, too. They get what they're looking for, and your search rankings go up because you're using keywords that are relevant to their searches. Everybody wins.

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